The project is part of an addition to an existing school of fairly deteriorated condition, located in Vereda el Hobo, 40 minutes from the municipality of Carmen de Bolívar, very close to the Montes de María in northern Colombia. With an average temperature of 32 °C and relatively high humidity, a permeable architecture was sought, which allowed the constant passage of natural ventilation and the controlled entry of natural light.

The two new blocks of classrooms are placed directly on the natural ground, while the circulation ramps are tilted following the topographic slope. The circulation of access to the classrooms is expanded on the first floor as extension areas for learning, and on the second floor, they act as balconies that look over the distant landscape of the Montes de María.

The roofs are widely extended around the blocks to generate shade during the day and to achieve a better climate comfort both inside and outside, in the courtyard and the circulations. Having a very tight budget, durable and low maintenance materials were favoured, aiming to maintain a sober and open language that recognises the rural school as a centre of community life.

Source: archdaily