This development site has standing on it the V.P. Zotov Bread Factory, a Constructivist listed building which is subject to a preservation order. The close vicinity of this Avant-garde structure largely predetermined the design of the Presnya City residential complex with its layout based on the principle of axial composition.

Around the bread factory is a pedestrian zone from which three 44-storey towers diverge like rays. In order to make the volumes seem smaller than they actually are, they have been given the shape of slender slabs which are stepped in relation to one another. The plinths of each of the towers are similar in design; each plinth consists of several rectangular one-storey blocks which are stepped in relation to one another.

The well-developed plinth is to be used to accommodate social and retail functions; floors 2-44 of the complex will have apartments. Each tower has a single entrance, but two blocks of staircases and lifts; this will make it possible to visually divide each storey into two mutually dependent parts and thus obviate the need for excessively long corridors.

The towers’ architectural image is determined by the columns, which are relatively massive at the buildings’ bases and gradually narrow towards their tops. The color of the cladding of the façades likewise changes gradually – from dark terracotta at the base to a light coffee color on the upper floors. Each column is crowned by an elegant spire, giving the towers a visual lightness while at the same time emphasizing their elegant outline, which plays a prominent role in the panoramic view of this district.

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Source: archdaily

Pictures by Dmitry Chistoprudov for archdaily