Last week we were informed about the Emvisesa Contest (Public Housing Company of Seville) for the next construction of more than 600 units in 6 different locations in the city. The award-winning proposals, of great quality in the opinion of the jury, affect innovation as a driver of change. These new promotions will position Seville again in the debate on the issue at the national level. Congratulations to the winners!

(text from the competition rules)

In the Municipal Housing, Land and Rehabilitation Plan of the TM Sevilla 2018-2023, in its document II: Action Program, program 3 is collected: new work and rehabilitation for the promotion of public housing.

The main objective of this program is the expansion of the public park with the construction of new homes and accommodation, both for rent and assignment of use, and for sale.

The new residential projects of public initiative will have to respond to the current requirements of our society (criteria of gender, accessibility, efficiency, model of coexistence), to the needs detected in relation to the management of the park (especially flexibility to adapt housing to different users) and must allow construction at an appropriate cost.