General Booking Conditions

• The value added tax, VAT, is included in the prices, otherwise stated.

Services included
• All the expenses related to the organization of guided tours are included, unless otherwise stated.

Additional costs
• Admittance tickets and transport costs are not included unless otherwise indicated; they are separately shown in the detailed programs as needed.

Payment conditions, subject to other agreements
1. Payment by bank transfer of 50% upon booking.
2. Final payment by bank transfer at least 15 days before the tour.

Terms and Conditions
Any exception to these terms and conditions must be confirmed in writing by Arquitectura Lúdica S.L.
Arquitectura Lúdica S.L. CIF B65123374. C/Ganduxer 53 At, 08021 Barcelona. Recorded in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, Volume 41305, Page 8, Section B 380465, Registry 1.

Offer Phase:
The indicated prices in the offer are valid for the day(s) specified in the presentation of the offer.
The right to make changes is reserved until the closing of contract.
Unless otherwise specified in writing, the prices listed in the offer do not include VAT, transportation costs, or occasional necessary travel and accommodation charges.

Closing of Contract:
The services of Arquitectura Lúdica S.L. contracted either verbally or in writing shall only be effective if they have written confirmation (via e-mail) by both parties.
The confirmation implies the closing of contract.
In the case of the provision of services for which no written confirmation is sent due to the nature or scope, the last offer accepted by the client shall be taken as confirmation of the order and closing of contract.
The content of the confirmation is valid as content of the agreement entered into by Arquitectura Lúdica S.L.

The offers made by Arquitectura Lúdica S.L., both verbal and in writing, are not binding and remain valid for 10 days. Once Arquitectura Lúdica S.L has made an offer to the client, the client can accept it and return the signed document to Arquitectura Lúdica S.L. Once the signed offer has been returned to Arquitectura Lúdica S.L, Arquitectura Lúdica S.L can then confirm the agreement. In the case of accepting, the client will be sent an “Order Confirmation”; from that moment (not before), the offer will have contractual value, referred to as a “Binding Offer” in the General Conditions. In addition to the Binding Offer, both parties can sign a written contract. From then on, the term “Contract” refers to both the written contract as well as the Binding Offer.

Confirmation of reservation by Arquitectura Lúdica S.L
Once the client has accepted the quote, Arquitectura Lúdica S.L will answer within 48 hours regarding availability and the correct implementation. If availability cannot be guaranteed, Arquitectura Lúdica S.L will offer distinct options which, if not accepted by the client, may result in termination of the contract.

Changes to itineraries for guided tours
The proposals sent are a suggestion of itinerary, which may be subject to change due to weather conditions, start or end locations, transport or other unforeseen conditions or requests made by the client to Arquitectura Lúdica S.L. Any possible changes will be made known to the client as soon as possible.

Third Party Services:
If, at the client’s request, Arquitectura Lúdica S.L. should enter an agreement with a third party, Arquitectura Lúdica S.L. will operate solely as an intermediary.
Arquitectura Lúdica S.L. shall not be held responsible for the services in negotiates. Arquitectura Lúdica S.L. reserves the right to vary the prices confirmed by contract in the event of an increase in price by third parties to the extent that the increase in the cost of certain services per person affects the price.
Arquitectura Lúdica S.L. is obliged to inform the client immediately about these increases in cost.
In case of an increase of more than 15%, the client has the right to cancel the order at no charge.
Limitation of Liability:
Arquitectura Lúdica S.L. is not liable for any personal injury to the client, the participants, guests or workers during the excursion unless the injuries were caused willfully or by gross negligence on the part of Arquitectura Lúdica S.L.

Cancellation by the client:
If the client cancels the order after closing of the contract, the following cancellation charges will apply.
The cancellation will take effect from the date that written notification is received at Arquitectura Lúdica S.L.

Cancellation costs
More than 90 days prior to the service – no cost
From 90 to 61 days before – 50% of the budget
From 60 to 31 days before – 75% of the budget
From 30 to 15 days before – 90% of the budget
Less than 15 days before – 100% of the budget

Legal venue:
The legal venue is Barcelona, Spain. All agreements shall be governed according to Spanish law.

Separation Clause:
If any individual provision of this agreement or of the travel contract were held invalid, the remainder of the agreement or travel contract shall not be affected.