The Artillery factory in Seville is one of the most impressive and most hidden buildings in the city. It is a magnificent industrial complex of the 18th century of 22,000 square meters, with a history (for example here the Lions of the door of the Congresses of the Deputies were fused) and an exceptional architecture.

Twelve years after Defense ceded it to the City Council, the group finally has a plan with economic support that will allow to rehabilitate its buildings and create a space of entrepreneurship of cultural and creative industries. The project is to turn Artillery into a great cultural container of artistic production at a national and international level, including the circus and the cinema.

The future Magallanes Center, in honor of the entrepreneurial spirit of the Portuguese navigator who sailed from Seville in 1519, is inspired by El Cenquatre de París, Azkuna Zentroa de Bilbao or Tabacalera in Madrid.

The complex, built mostly in the eighteenth century by the architects Prospero Verboom and Jean Maritz on the foundry of the Morel of the XVI, remained in use until 1991. Since then, many studies have been to recover the set, located in the District of San Bernardo, adjacent to the historic center. The huge scale has made it difficult until now to launch a comprehensive plan that is able to colonize the entire building with new uses.

The factory, which started working with a blood machine – a wheel pulled by mules to drill the cannons – was adapted to the progress to include steam engines, adapting and expanding its facilities and creating a set of very different and diverse ships.

We are looking forward to the works to be able to visit it together with our customers! An exceptional place!