If there is one thing that characterizes the neighborhood of Villa de Vallecas it’s that it is a family micro-world with its own identity; its dimension and scale favor that the facades of its streets are dressed in the clothes hanging from them; its multicultural and diverse population helps the small business survive in front of the big surfaces; and its unconditional support of their own football team make it a family place.

The new dental clinic, located on the ground floor of the old telegraph building in front of Plaza Juan de Malasaña, seeks to integrate into the daily life of the neighbourhood and, despite its interior condition, to be part of the city. In this way, the main strategy for occupying the premises is the construction of an interior street that aims to be an extension of the square; a space that is both a waiting room and a public space.

In contrast to the traditional white in this type of programme, colour is the constructive element that articulates both the paths and the different uses of the clinic, from the access to the cabinets. In the saw, a gradient ranging from dark blue to yellow guides the patient to the cabinets. From there, the interior once again becomes an exterior through the ceilings that recreate natural sceneries, leading the user, already lying down, to other more relaxed worlds while they are being treated. The route back to the street is, however, white. At night, the saw is lit, as if it were a lantern, leaving a colourful wake that illuminates the streets of Vallecas, making the clinic a place of reference.

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Source: archdaily

Pictures by ©Imagen Subliminal