The Spanish office is designing the second phase of urban terminals that will be the transport of the future.

The design of the prototype has divided into two phases, the first was a conceptual investigation for a type of building that has never been built before, and whose rules have nothing to do with any transportation terminal built till today. The second phase, that has just begun, will be continued by the materialization of the building, which was chosen by a theoretical location in the center of San Francisco (The United States of America).

As of now, the project remains confidential and we can only see images of the first capsule of passengers manufactured on a real human scale. It is located in Toulouse where Hyperloop TT has it´s center of investigation and development for the final tests of the prototype.

The Spanish company, which also has offices in Amsterdam, has a long history with other transportation projects such as the Santa Justa train station in Seville, the Basel SBB train station in Switzerland, and in recent years Cruz y Ortiz has been recognized for projects including the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and the Wanda Metropolitano football stadium in Madrid for Atletico de Madrid.

Source: Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos