The COAS announces the COAS ARQUITECTURA & SOCIEDAD 2019 AWARDS (III Architecture Awards of the Official College of Architects of Seville) whose objective is to show the architecture of Seville, assess the professional quality of our collective and promote architecture as a tool to improve life of people.

With a clear line of opening to society, the jury will be able to grant Special COAS Awards to all those exemplary initiatives that have contributed to the cultural dissemination or recognition of architecture in our province, from radio programs, neighborhood associations, educational projects, groupings in defense of the environment and heritage or initiatives of the public administration, among others, as well as a COAS Excellence Award to an architect / office of architecture collegiate in Seville, in recognition of his professional career.

The scope of the prizes is the province of Seville -except for the national and international category and architectural research- and the works, works and actions completed between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2018, will be eligible for them. that have not been submitted to the COAS Architecture Awards in their previous editions.

The Awards will be honorary and will consist of an award designed for that purpose for the author or team author of the works, works or professional performances. A recognition will also be given to the organism or promoter entity of the awarded works, as well as to the technical architect and the construction company where appropriate, recognizing the team idea.