(source: www.coasevilla.org)

With occasion of World Architecture Day, which commemorates UNESCO every first Monday of October, the Official College of Architects of Seville (COAS) organizes the Architecture Week that this year, in its seventeenth edition, will take place from Monday 1 to Sunday, October 7.

The Architecture Week celebrates a series of cultural activities aimed at favoring the relationship and communication of the society of Seville with architecture.

For this year, we have decided to dedicate the Week to reflect on the Public Space,  whether free or built, urban or territorial, reflect on the continuity of the Public, its state, its potential for improvement.

To be able to talk about all this, to be together and share bright or appetizing shaded moments, the architects and architects of Seville want to explain how we see the city, with our differences, visiting areas and buildings, traveling through the province, dealing with historical architectural issues and Today, in a walk that arouses or removes our common admiration for Architecture, as Art and as a true Space of ideas.

We want to talk about architecture to everyone, children and not-so-children, and that everyone speaks and participates, that there is an approach and a mutual transfer of knowledge. With that spirit we want to start what we know will have a positive impact on everyone.

We all have the right to Architecture and from this professional school we are willing to collaborate in the consolidation of that right.